Návod na instalaci síťové ATENA a GiD licence

Installing ATENA and GiD licenses to your network

Brief instructions

If you wish to place the ATENA and GiD licenses, i.e., the NetHASP key for ATENA and the software license for GiD, on a server ("license server"), please follow the instructions here. If you wish to run ATENA remotely using Terminal services (or some other way), please see ATENA Troubleshooting [2], When running ATENA remotely through Terminal Services, and contact us if needed.

GiD Network License

For the GiD network license, please follow the instructions from the ATENA-GiD User's Manual [1], 3 GID INSTALLATION AND REGISTRATION, above all 3.1 GiD Network Floating Licenses. The document is included in ATENA installation and also available for separate download from our web (Products - ATENA - Documentation).


For the ATENA license, install the HASP drivers (from our web or from safenet-inc.com; they are also included in the ATENA installer) to the server and connect the key.


For all workstations, install ATENA including the HASP drivers and GiD. In GiD, enter the address of your license server into the Password box.

For ATENA, you may need to set the license server address using the Sentinel Admin Control Center (localhost:1947).

Please see ATENA Troubleshooting [2], 2.4.13 Problem with Network Key and 4.2.4 Problems with GiD license, USB or network floating for more information.

You may also need to adjust firewall settings on both the server and the workstations (and possibly also on some network devices on the way between them) to allow the required communication. Of course, let us know if you have additional questions or problems.


[1]    Červenka, V., Červenka, J., Janda, Z., and Pryl, D. (2015), ATENA Program Documentation, Part 8, User’s Manual for ATENA-GiD Interface, Červenka Consulting, 2015
[2]    Pryl, D. and Červenka, J, (2015), ATENA Program Documentation, Part 11, Troubleshooting Manual, Červenka Consulting, 2015, http://www.cervenka.cz/assets/files/atena-pdf/ATENA-Troubleshooting.pdf


Download .pdf file here.




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