Ing. Vladimír Červenka, Ph.D.


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Director and owner of the company Červenka Consulting. Born in 1941. Internationally recognized expert in the field of mechanics of concrete structures. Author of many of scientific publications.

He graduated in 1962 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech University in Prague. His Ph.D. thesis at the University of Colorado, USA, in 1970 on the topic of “Inelastic Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Panels under In-Plane Loads”, was one of the basic works in the crack model, which is now accepted as the most efficient method for nonlinear analysis of concrete structures using FEM.

In the year 1982 he was the winner of the “International Competition to Predict the Response of Reinforced Concrete Panels”, University of Toronto, Canada. He is a member in the international associations IABSE, f.i.b., FRAMCOS, and national engineering societies Czech society for concrete and masonry and Czech society for mechanics. In 1993 he received the Alexander von Humboldt research fellowship in Germany, and in years 1987-90 he was as visiting professor at Stuttgart University, Institute of Construction Materials by prof. Eligehausen. He is the Fellow of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic.

At the fib symposium in 2011 he was awarded an fib Medal of Merit to acknowledge his contribution to the computational modelling of reinforced concrete structures.