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Prize in ETH Prediction Competition

photo by Maria Rosaria Corrado
(more photos from fib 2006 in Naples)

Naples, 2nd fib Congress, 6.6.2006

Cervenka Consulting wins a prize in the competition "Predicting the Response of RC Slabs to Transverse Shear" http://www.fib-international.org/news/, organized by IBK, ETH Zurich.

The winner is Prof. Kollegger from the Vienna University of Technology, who has used a semi-analytical method. His results are marked with a red frame in the figure presenting the deviations of the submitted results. There are two entries computed using ATENA (green frames), one from Cervenka Consulting in Prague (Cervenka & Pryl) and one from the Vienna University of Technology (Burtscher & Vill).

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