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Identification of critical locations in the structure by ATENA analysis

Due to the excessive displacements and associated cracks in the walls, analysis of building of Institute of Experimental Botany was performed by ATENA software. Numerical results revealed shear problems in girder in the first-floor ceiling structure. After removing external cladding on the site, diagonal shear crack was found in the concrete girder that confirmed assumption based on model calculation. Three types of strengthening were designed and numerically tested to help with the decision how to fix the structure.

Ultimate limit state – models with strengthening


Serviceability limit state – Displacements of different girders during time

Serviceability limit state – displacement , 4.2 years

Serviceability limit state – displacement , 4.2 years

Serviceability limit state – crack width, 4.2 years

Serviceability limit state – stress in reinforcement, 4.2 years


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