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Computer Model for Highperformance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Material

  The software was developed
with a financial support from

Partners: Cervenka Consulting s.r.o., Czech Technical University, Dep. of Structural Mechanics, Prague

The project result is a computer model/software for the design and assessment of civil engineering structures from high performance fibre reinforced concrete with higher durability and reliability. Currently there are practically no suitable methods and models for the structural design using these materials, even though their usage is expected to grow significantly in the future. Their advantage is higher durability and strength, which enables engineers to build structures with longer lifecycle, lower material consumption and lower impact on the environment.

The developed numerical model enables predictive numerical analyses of short-term and long-term behaviour of structures from high performance fibre reinforced concrete in the service limit states as well as in the ultimate limit states.

The wider objective of the proposed project is to support the application of these modern materials in the construction of new structures as well as in the maintenance of the existing ones and to increase their durability and reliability.

The developed model was successfully applied during the design of TBM fibre reinforced lining for Ejpovice railway tunnel:

Fig.1: Drilling machine during the construction of Ejpovice tunnel.

Typical procedure for the modelling of  FRC structures consists of several steps:

1. Determination of input material parameters by inverse analysis of material tests such as four-point bending test.
2. Validation of material model by the analysis of the whole structural element.
3. Prediction of the behaviour of complex structures such as concrete tunnel lining.

Fig.2: Process of FRC material model parameter identification.


Fig.3: Example of calculated ATENA crack pattern of tubing tests at Klokner Institute.


ATENA version 5.6.0 with the new fibre reinforced concrete model is available for download for ATENA users with valid maintenance support.

The selected examples and the usage of the new models are described in the new FRC tutorial and example manual.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Contact Page with questions and comments about this model.

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