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SPADD - grant project of Czech Science Foundation

In cooperation between VUT Brno (Prof. Drahomír Novák) and Červenka Consulting (Dr.-Ing. Radomír Pukl)

The project is focused on the efficient fully probabilistic assessment of concrete structures, mainly bridges, based on a stochastic nonlinear stochastic finite element simulation considering spatial variability degradation. Efficient numerical techniques to determine reliability expressed by reliability index and/or failure probability will be developed within the framework of computationally intensive nonlinear analysis. An attention will be paid to response surface methods and small-sample simulations combined with artificial neural networks. Life-cycle assessment requires time-dependent reliability analysis including degradation effects. Advanced models for concrete carbonation, corrosion of reinforcement and chloride ingress will be developed.

Deterioration modeling will be extended into 2D space using random fields and cellular automata approach. The fully probabilistic approach will be verified in comparison with present code specifications.

The aim is to develop and apply methods for spatial degradation simulation and reliability assessment of concrete structures, mainly bridges. It includes effective reliability techniques enhancement, advanced degradation modeling and the verification in comparison with present code specifications.

Numerical example: AASHTO IV 711.2/1,828.8 mm; cross-section degradation evolution; 1,871 cells of 20 × 20 mm; the interval (0, 1) represents the relative chloride concentration

Schematic triangle of topic keystones

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