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  The software was developed
with a financial support from


GeoTech4 – the DELTA* program of TAČR
Project ID: TF04000057
Duration: 24 months
Partners: Safibra, Červenka Consulting s.r.o., ZPP Ingenieure AG, Intermetric GmbH, TU Dresden


GeoProduction as an industry 4.0 engineering and production system will revolutionize the current geotechnical production process through a cyber-physical system approach encompassing the components of online monitoring, online simulation-based geo-structure  identification (i.e. soil, rock and building structures) with advanced related non-linear mechanical models, high-performance computing, online risk management and warning, in-time adjusting of the construction process through simulation of production alternatives and the re-dimensioning of underground structural elements like the retaining elements of the geotechnical structures using most modern BIM technology.

Benefits: Applied structural safety factors of geo-engineering structures can significantly be reduced by use of the observational method resulting in cost savings of the product of about 20-40 %. In addition, with the dynamic adaption capacity of GeoProduction the production process can be optimized with further cost saving of 20-30%. Furthermore, maintenance and retrofitting costs will duly be scaled down by 20-40% because of the exactly mirrored reality in the virtual model allowing optimization of maintenance processes and retrofitting measures already at the outset.

The project develops a simulation-guided engineering and construction process for underground structures that will radically improve the production process, the safety, the reliability and leads to an optimization of underground construction through

1)  a new high-precision simulation-based system identification method for geo structures based on dynamic multi-model and ontology control framework,
2)  an improved deformation monitoring method synchronized with the simulation identification cycles and the construction process,
3)  an improved non-linear numerical modelling and numerical simulation of the complex geotech­nical structural system,
4)  integrated model variation management and high-performance Grid/Cloud computing,
5)  knowledge-based matching of simulation and observation,
6)  a 5D BIM-based construction, progress and prognosis visualization and warning system,
7)  knowledge production simulation-based decision support for construction adjustment meas­ures and semi-automated adjustment of the construction process, and
8)  BIM-based sustainable long-term archiving of information for management and control of the construction site as well as for the life cycle and related maintenance activities.

The products developed during the GeoTech4 projects are part of the new ATENA version 5.8, which is available currently in beta version. This new version can be used either as a desktop application or as a part of the web-based application: geoproduction.cervenka.cz.


*Project no. TF04000057 has been financed under the DELTA program of TA CR for the support of applied research and experimental development.


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