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FibreLAB – Virtual Lab for Fibre Reinforced Concrete Design by Simulation Prototyping

FibreLAB – Eurostars program, 2016-2019

Partners: Cervenka Consulting s.r.o, Czech Republic, JKP Static, Hungary

The project will develop a software tool to support the design of advanced structures or products from fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) using simulation prototyping. The software will support engineers during the design process, which will be based on the simulation of the structural performance during the foreseen design scenarios for the individual design limit states: serviceability and ultimate limit states as well as the new design states such as: robustness, durability and service life verification.

The software will be developed based on the existing product ATENA developed and distributed by CER. The project will develop a separate module of this system specifically targeted for fibre reinforced concrete industry. This product can be used separately or together with the existing ATENA software. The product shall also support parametric modeling and embedded scripting language to enable the fast development of even more specialized design tools for the development and design of specific construction products for pre-cast industry or other mass production.

More details you can find here.

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