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Epistemic Uncertainty of Crack Models in Reinforced Concrete Structures

Partners: Cervenka Consulting s.r.o, Czech Republic

Importance of serviceability verifications is nowadays increasing with the growing requirements on structural performance. Particularly severe economic consequences may be caused by excessive cracking of reinforced concrete structures. Models for crack width used in engineering practice are empirical and associated with considerable uncertainties. Such models do not reflect the state-of-the-art knowledge about performance of concrete structures and available numerical tools for reliability analysis. The project aims to improve understanding of uncertainties in present crack width models. The main goal is to provide adequate safety formats for serviceability verifications using both engineering and complex numerical models.  The project results will improve serviceability design based on numerical simulations. Further, crack models play important role in assessment of resistance depending on brittle failure modes, such as shear strength. Uncertainty of such models will be investigated.

Example of shear crack represented by strain localization

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