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DURACERV - modelling of durability and safety of transportation structures

  The software was developed
with a financial support from

DURACERV - Software for prediction and modelling of durability and safety of transportation structures
, Technological Agency, Czech Republic, 2015-2017

Partners: Cervenka Consulting s.r.o., Czech Technical University, Dep. of Structural Mechanics, Prague

The project goal was to develop a special module for ATENA software for prediction and modelling of durability and safety of transport structures.
This new module is now included in the new version of ATENA software v.5.6.

The parameters of the surrounding environment can be specified as a new boundary condition. This typically includes chloride concentration, CO2 content or relative humidity. Based on this information, the chloride or carbonation propagation is calculated in time taking into account the possible presence of cracks. When the propagation front reaches reinforcement, the corrosion model is activated, which results in the reduction of reinforcement area. This effect can be included in any reliability or strength assessment in ATENA calculation.

For more information please go here.


Schematic description of the new ATENA durability and corrosion model


Residual tensile strength


Reinforcement corrosion after 30 years




ATENA can simulate all phases of structural life cycle, starting from their design and construction, followed by their long-time service up to their removal. It will improve their economy, safety and serviceability, thereby it will contribute to sustainable development in the area of transport infrastructure.

The new durability model was successfully applied to 3 bridge structures in Czech Republic and Japan.

More information you can find in paper from IABSE Conference in Vancouver, Canada 2017 and in paper from ICACMS Conference in Chennai, India 2017.


The newly developed construction process modeling was applied in the simulation of Brenner Basis Tunnel lining construction: please, watch video here.


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