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Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures due to High Temperatures

Fire or other events causing high temperature remain one of the serious potential risks to most buildings and structures. With the current state of knowledge, it is not possible to accurately predict the deformations due to high temperatures, which in many cases decide the structural failure mechanism. This was well documented by results of recent European research projects or studies by NIST. Spalling is another phenomena that can not be predicted or modelled. The objective of the proposed research project is to develop models and methods for coupled hygro-thermalmechanical analysis of reinforced concrete structures subjected to high temperatures. The developed methods and models should be applicable to practice and will reflect the current level of knowledge on this subject. The goal is to use a balanced approach, in which the same accuracy and modelling detail in all parts of the model (thermo-hygro-mechanical) will be represented. The research will be verified and evaluated by an experimental program.

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