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ATENA 2024

This new version ATENA 2024 brings a new pre-processor that combines the robustness of ATENA Science with the simplicity of ATENA 3D Engineering. 

To learn more about ATENA 2024, please see our webinar from May 30th, where we introduce its major capabilities. 

If you're unsure whether ATENA is suitable for your research or profession, we encourage you to download a free trial version for 30 days. This trial version includes ATENA with full capabilities, allowing you to explore basic and advanced ATENA modeling in a short time.

ATENA 2024 Installer
ATENA 2024g Installer for users with a valid maintenance agreement at least till April 30th, 2024. Trial version available, also works in a DEMO mode, in this case no hardlock is necessary.

If compared to the existing ATENA 2D & 3D Engineering, it contains the following main improvements:
      • Combination of 2D and 3D modelling and preprocessing into a single environment
      • Support for curved NURBS lines and surfaces
      • Stronger compatibility with ATENA Science
      • Import of *.gid models
      • Scripting support using Python programming language
      • Import of other data formats such as ifc and iges
      • Support for layers as in other modelling programs
      • Possibility to develop user-defined material libraries and materials
      • Support for construction process modelling in both 2D and 3D
      • Improved visualization and post-processing capabilities
      • Enhanced user interface for easier and more intuitive modeling
      • Advanced meshing algorithms for faster and more accurate results
      • Expanded range of boundary conditions and load types
      • Enhanced contact and interface modeling capabilities
      • Improved stability and performance for large and complex models
      • Integration with external tools and software for seamless workflow
      • Comprehensive documentation and support to aid users in utilizing the new features and capabilities
      • Durability models for reinforcement corrosion and alkali-silica reaction
      • Modelling and simulation of 3D concrete printing
      • BIM based internal data format
      • AtenaStudio program for unique runtime visualization and control
      • Fully built on 64-bit technology, supporting larger computer memory capacity and speed


ATENA 2024 uses ATENA Studio for runtime analysis visualization and post-processing.


Large scale 3D model of a composite steel-concrete cable stayed bridge in ATENA 2024 imported from a previous GiD model.

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