What is ATENA?

ATENA is a totally new generation of our program SBETA. ATENA is a fully windows program with integrated pre- post-processing and finite element solution. The post-processing and pre-processing is improved significantly. In addition, it contains many new materials, solution methods and other capabilites as for instance options for 3D, plane strain, axi-symmetrical analysis or shell elements. You can learn more about ATENA on our ATENA page. The name ATENA is an abbreviation for Advanced Tool for Engineering Nonlinear Analysis.

What is SBETA?

SBETA was our very first product developed in 80's for DOS operating system. It was a first user friendly non-linear FE software package on the market for non-linear finite element analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. It could have been used to analyse beams, walls, reinforcing details and all other civil engineering structures, which could be idealized as two-dimensional problems.


Please see the ATENA Troubleshooting manual for a list of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.



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