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ATENA version 5

Oct 9, 2015

Version 5 introduced a new product ATENA Studio, which brings the run-time control and post-processing comfort to a new level, which surpasses the high standard that was previously introduced by our ATENA Engineering 2D & 3D software. Version 5 also includes a native postprocessor. GiD program is used for pre-processing, development of the structural geometric model and preparation of ATENA input data file.

The key ATENA v5 features are:

 ATENA Studio :

  • a unified run-time and post-processing program. This unique program allows full post-processing even while the analysis is in progress
  • the unmatched ATENA crack visualization is now also available in ATENA Science
  • the new cut and clipping planes for visualization of results inside the analyzed structure
  • the cut option supports the integration of stresses along the cut plane to calculate normal, shear forces or moments
  • diagrams of internal forces: shear, normal and moments, can be calculated and displayed also for models using only solid elements
  • the new selection feature allows a seamless control of the text output of selected quantities at selected locations
  • extensive animation feature supporting the inclusion of 2D graphs to follow the development of critical quantities
  • a new animation feature is now directly in ATENA, so there is no need to use GiD for post-processing
  • activities/layers  streamline the visualization of complicated 3D results. Activities can be also defined according to a value range of a selected output quantity
  • the contour plots are available for a rich set of output quantities at nodes, elements as well as integration points
  • a unique visualization of integration point quantities
  • 2D graphs can be used to display the evolution of ATENA monitoring points during the analysis. In ATENA Studio, a monitoring point can be created even after the analysis is computed, and the data are automatically extracted from the saved results
  • the signal option for locating individual nodes, elements and supported or loaded nodes

The main features in the ATENA solution core:

  • 32bit and 64bit version of ATENA Studio facilitates the analysis and post-processing of large 3D problems
  • the ATENA transport module supports combined heat and moisture analysis
  • the boundary conditions for heat and moisture analysis includes the convection or radiation exchange with the surrounding environment
  • CERHYD module can be used to model the hydration heat development during concrete casting and its effect on shrinkage, creep and/or initial cracking
  • rich set of options to fine tune and control nonlinear analysis with arc-length method, automatic step restart or step reduction during convergence problems
  • in Contact/Interface modeling, it is possible to model interfaces with initial opening as well as moving interfaces, i.e. contacts with large relative sliding movements

Improvements in ATENA Engineering 2D & 3D:

  • in ATENA Engineering some compatibility problems with Win 7 & 8 operating systems were corrected, such as the crushing of ATENA 2D during runtime visualization and various graphical problems of ATENA 2D
  • the new version M7 of the Microplane model is available in ATENA Engineering as well
  • ATENA Engineering was also improved by correcting various mistakes in the 2D/3D user interface and solution core


Concrete cracking above the main support, moment evolution and deflection of a composite steel-concrete bridge analyzed by ATENA

Vertical displacement of two floor building - beamed ceiling.


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