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ATENA version 5.9

Jan 16, 2024

This version is a regular yearly incremental software upgrade containing various improvements and corrections. Some of the major changes are listed below:

  • Supports new licensing options and the trial version feature in ATENA software.
  • Increase the efficiency of handling reinforcement during the analysis, which decreases the analysis time by 40-80% especially for models with large number of reinforcement bars due to improvements in the node numbering optimization.
  • Improvements in the durability models for reinforcement corrosion, bond temperature and corrosion dependency and ASR model with new input generation wizards in GiD preprocessor.
  • 3D printing supports several methods for the automatic activation of finite elements based on the printing path defined either by csv or G-code file.
  • Model for 3D printing can be directly generated by using G-code file. This option is only accessible by special commands in the “inp” file. There is no support currently in the GiD pre-processor.
  • New generation wizards for the definition of time dependent materials for 3D printing.
  • Creep models: B4, ACI 209-2R-08, Canadian code CS-S6-14.
  • Miscellaneous minor improvements in run-time and post-processing software AtenaStudio.

ATENA v5.9.2 New Features

Among others it contains the following major new developments and changes:

- ATENA Center is a new frontend interface, which provides an easy navigation through various ATENA system software tools, tutorials, documentation and example problems.

- 3D printing modelling of concrete can be simulated by ATENA now. In addition to the numerical model, the user can provide the printing path and printing speed along with time dependent material properties to simulate the printing process. This new feature can be used to simulate and verify the structural stability during the printing process or the behavior of the final structure taking into account the effect of the printing process on its final strength, reliability or durability.

ATENA Center for easy navigation and access to programs, tools, documentation, tutorials and examples.

Modelling of 3D printing is one of the main new features in ATENA. The figure shows the cracking in the simulation of a 3D printed concrete segment for a pilot building in Czech Republic.

- APIS FRC – new tool for the automatic determination of input data for Fibre-reinforced concrete materials (FRC) from standard three or four point bending tests.

- Automated report generation allows for tailored generation of typical reports that can be further customized or enhanced based on the requirements of each project you are working on.

- Durability and corrosion modelling has been enhanced and input dialogs are simplified with generation wizards and help tools for easier definition of input parameters for chloride ingress, carbonation and corrosion modelling.

- New reinforcement cycling material was implemented on the basis of Dodds & Restrepo model, which supports more intuitive definition of input parameters for dynamic and seismic analysis of RC structures. In addition, the cycling reinforcement models are available now also for the smeared reinforcement model.

- Improved reinforcement bond model can consider the effect of reinforcement corrosion or high temperatures during fire analysis on the bond strength. This means the provided slip law is scaled by temperature and corrosion dependance laws. This module also includes new models for concrete and reinforcement bond affected by radiation developed in the project RadWasteCon (TJ04000186 - Development of Coupling Details for Concrete Containers for Radwaste and Spent Fuel and Modeling of Their Long-Term Performance) financially supported by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under ZETA 4 programme.

- Software hardlocks are available for ATENA in addition to the standard USB protection hardlocks. This simplifies the distribution as there is no need for any shipping, and this option can be also advantageous for network installations.

- Plus many other minor improvements, additional increase in analysis and post-processing speed for large scale models, and various bug fixes.

ATENA Future Development

We are continuously working on expanding the capabilities of our ATENA software. Our main focus now is to bring our standard product ATENA Engineering to a higher level. We plan to release a completely new version of this product at the beginning of the next year.

This version will be available to our users with a valid maintenance license in the second half of this year. This is also why the name of this new version will be ATENA 2024. So stay tuned and make sure your maintenance license is active so that you can start using this new version immediately. ATENA Engineering supports static analysis of reinforced concrete structures. The new version will be also compatible with the current Science version, which will still remain the main version for more advanced analyses such as creep, transport or dynamic. If compared to the existing ATENA 2D & 3D Engineering, it will contain the following main improvements:

  • 2D and 3D modelling and preprocessing will be combined into a single environment
  • curved NURBS lines and surfaces will be supported
  • stronger compatibility with ATENA Science
  • import of *.gid models
  • scripting support using Python programming language
  • import of other data formats such as: ifc, iges
  • support for layers as in other modelling programs
  • possibility to develop user defined material libraries as well as materials
  • support for construction process modelling both in 2D and 3D
  • durability models for reinforcement corrosion and alkali-silica reaction
  • modelling and simulation of 3D concrete printing
  • BIM based internal data format
  • our popular AtenaStudio program is used for unique runtime visualization and control
  • fully built on 64-bit technology and supporting larger computer memory capacity and speed

The release of this new version will represent an important step in ATENA history. Our goal is to gradually combine our Engineering and Science product lines into a single transparent environment allowing users to perform all modelling and simulation in a single, powerfull and user-friendly package.

This first release will replace the original ATENA 2D and 3D programs, which are based on the old 32-bit technology. The new version will allow to fully exploit the current 64-bit computer technology. The compatibility with previous 2D and 3D programs will be preserved, which means that it will be possible to import the old *.cc2 and *.cc3 files.

Please, make sure your maintenance licence remains valid so that you are entitled to download this new version when it becomes available. Contact our sales representatives (cervenka@cervenka.cz) to be eligible for this new upgrade.

Maintenance and Support

We strongly support our users in their analytic work with ATENA. Support is mainly provided by email and phone calls. The solution to many questions can be found also in our FAQ & Online Forum. New versions of ATENA are released every year.

Maintenance is provided for free for one year after the software purchase. After that is it can be prolonged at annual rate coresponding to 15% of the program price.

System Requirements

  • Minimum: PC with MS Windows 7 SP2, 64bit, 6 GB RAM memory and 256 GB HDD, graphics card with OpenGL 1.1 and 1024x768 resolution. GiD 14 or higher (for ATENA Sci/Full).
  • Recommended: PC with MS Windows 10, 64bit, 32 GB RAM memory, 4 TB hard disk, discrete graphics card with resolution of 1920x1080 and OpenGL 1.4 with 3D hw-acceleration, designed for CAD (e.g., nVidia - Quadro, AMD - Radeon Pro). GiD 64bit 14 or higher (for ATENA Sci/Full).

Full product specifiaction & system requirements

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