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NRG-STORAGE workshop

Open Workshop Invitation on Phase-Change Cementitious Materials

October 27th, 2022,

09:45 - 16:30

Prague, Czech Republic, Orea Hotel Pyramida.

This will be a first public workshop presenting the development of unique phase change material to improve the energy performance of buildings. The workshop is targeted for professionals and researchers working in the area of sustainable and energy efficient buildings or in modern materials and technologies for thermal insulation.



The workshop will cover the following topics:

- development of a new phase change cementitious materials starting from micromechanical simulation and modelling up to laboratory tests

- thermal and mechanical properties of the new material

- experimental program and results for sample wall panels including the new material

- field testing and performance evaluation of the new material in experimental buildings

PROGRAM (October 27th, 2022):

09:45-10:00  Registration
10:00-10:30  Welcome, introduction
10:30-11:00  Keynote: Eddie Koenders: General overview of NRG-STORAGE
11:00-11:20  Christoph Mankel & Jorge Dolado: Paraffin and Bio-based PCMs and electrical conductivity
11:20-11:40  Francesca Zanoni (online): PCM encapsulation strategies for cementitious systems
11:40-12:00  Barbara Klemczak: Shrinkage properties of cementitious PCM embedded foams
12:00-12:20  Dmitry Zhilyaev: Environmental and cost performance of NRG-Foam
12:20-13:30  Lunch at the NEBULA Restaurant + Poster session
13:30-14:00  Keynote: Vesselin Kolev: Construction of NRG-STORAGE DemoHouses
14:00-14:20  Michaela Herzfeldt: Structural Analysis of NRG-STORAGE DemoHouses
14:20-14:40  Victor Fachinotti: Energy optimization and of NRG-STORAGE DemoHouses
14:40-15:00  Frank Röser: NRG-Foam and NRG-Wall production for NRG-STORAGE DemoHouses and Hotbox
15:00-15:30  Coffee Break + Poster session
15:30-16:00  Keynote: Michael Düngfelder: Thermal properties of NRG-Foam and NRG-Wall and Monitoring system for Demo houses
16:00-16:30  Discussion, questions
18:00-21:00  Dinner for registered participants, location to be announced later

For more information about the speakers, please click HERE.

The participation is free of charge using the registration form HERE. The workshop will be also streamed on-line.



The main objective of the NRG-STORAGE project is to develop a novel ultra-light concrete that includes PCMs with both active/passive energy storage systems in non-residential buildings. 

For more information about the project see our website: https://nrg-storage.eu (Grant Agreement number 870114).

We look forward to seeing you in Prague!

With kind regards,

Prof. Eduardus Koenders
(project coordinator)
and your NRG-STORAGE team

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