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Dear colleagues,

we are glad to invite you for a webinar on Mechanical Finder software for CT-based biomechanics modelling and analysis.

The virtual event will take place tomorrow, October (26th, 2021), 16:00 CET time.

MECHANICAL FINDER is unique tool that includes all the functionality required for Quantitative CT-based nonlinear finite element analysis in a single environment. This means that you can perform seamlessly all procedures: DICOM import, segmentation, implant installation, mesh generation, material setting, boundary condition setting, analysis and result evaluation in one software. With mechanical finder there is no need to switch from one tool to another and strugle with data import/export among different programs.

  • Simple and user-friendly software for physicians and researchers,
  • Prediction of fractures, analysis of the interaction of bone tissue with implants,
  • Patient specific CT data can be used for exact reconstruction of bone shape and material densities,

This unique software is developed by RCCM (Japan) and Cervenka Consulting s.r.o. is the European distributor.



The webinar is free of charge and will take place on the WEBEX platform.

To attend the webinar, please REGISTER HERE.

We look forward to meeting you at the webinar this Tuesday!

Červenka Consulting Team

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