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ATENA 5.9.2c installer for users with a valid maintenance agreement at least till December 31st, 2023 that would like to try the latest features.

For more information about new capabilities, please go here.

Before downloading please make sure that your maintenance is valid. Without a valid maintenance you will be able to run the program only in DEMO mode. To check your maintenance, we recommend to run the ATENA UpdateCheck utility included in your current ATENA installation. If you are not sure about your maintenance validity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alternatively, you can download and run the install file below, size 1 699 378 864B. Please understand ATENA 5.9 requires Windows 7 or later (see the Technical Specification https://www.cervenka.cz/products/atena/technical-specifications for details; if you still use Windows XP, you can install version 5.3.5).

RELEASE NOTES FOR ATENA version 5.9.2c (Build 12.1.2023 rev.22722, ATENA Studio, GUI 3D 11.11.2024, 2D 11.1.2024, SARA 8.1.2024, ATENA-GiD scripts rev. 22573)

If the license in your HASP key does not allow to run the current version, please follow the instructions from


If you have problems with the downloaded installation, please contact us for help or an installation CD. Please also contact us if you wish to extend/renew your maintenance.

Improvements in the installation:

  • GiD version 16.0.6 is now default for installation
  • Updated manuals
  • Updated examples
  • ATENA Center with integrated application for trial version

Improvements in the finite element kernel:

  • Increase the efficiency of handling reinforcement during the analysis, which decreases the analysis time by 40-80% especially for models with large number of reinforcement bars due to improvements in the node numbering optimization.
  • Improvements in the durability models for reinforcement corrosion, bond temperature and corrosion dependency and ASR model.
  • 3D printing supports several methods for the automatic activation of finite elements based on the printing path defined either by csv or G-code file.
  • Model for 3D printing can be directly generated by using G-code file. This option is only accessible by special commands in the inp file. There is no support currently in the GiD pre-processor.
  • ATENA kernel supports 64bit compilation using Visual Studio 2022.
  • Creep models B4, CSA S6-14 and ACI 209R.
  • Microplane M7 model fully rewritten in C++.
  • New enhanced internal mesh generation options that can be directly specified in the inp command file.
  • Correction in ignoring relative error definition in the convergence solution parameters in the inp file.
  • New TwinBridge module for Digital Twins in structural health monitoring (see https://cervenka.cz/projects/rd-projects/twinbridge)
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements in the GiD interface:

  • Updated GiD-ATENA scripts.
  • New generation scripts for Variable material mainly for the simulation of 3D printing.
  • Generation scripts and wizards for the definition of chloride and carbonation boundary conditions. 
  • Possibility to download data for transport analysis boundary conditions from online databases of weather and climate data.
  • Support for new creep models B4, CSA S6-14 and ACI 209R.
  • Miscellaneous minor corrections and bug fixes.

Improvements in ATENA Studio:

  • New 64bit compilation using Visual Studio 2022.
  • User defined labels for important steps in the postprocessor for easy identification.
  • Misc. minor improvements and corrections.
  • Automated report generation.
    Complete Readme including detailed Changelog:


 The Czech user interface for ATENA Engineering can now be selected in the installer, i.e., no separate _CSY installer is needed any more.

There is no special DEMO installation starting from version 5.7. It is possible to install the current version and use it without a key in DEMO mode. When starting the programs without a proper license, please note that you will receive warning messages that the software is operating in a limited DEMO mode. However, as mentioned before, we recommend to apply for a 30 day trial version, which is a better method how to explore the functionality of the software without the limitations of the DEMO model.