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ATENA 5.9.0k installer for users with a valid maintenance agreement at least till January 13th, 2022 that would like to try the latest features.

Before downloading please make sure that your maintenance is valid. Without a valid maintenance you will be able to run the program only in DEMO mode. To check your maintenance, we recommend to run the ATENA UpdateCheck utility included in your current ATENA installation. If you are not sure about your maintenance validity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alternatively, you can download and run the install file below, size 1 889 965 584B. Please understand ATENA 5.9 requires Windows 7 or later (see the Technical Specification https://www.cervenka.cz/products/atena/technical-specifications for details; if you still use Windows XP, you can install version 5.3.5).

RELEASE NOTES FOR ATENA version 5.9.0k release (Build 13.1.2022 rev.20863, ATENA Studio, GUI 3D 7.5.2021, 2D 19.5.2021, SARA 13.1.2022, ATENA-GiD scripts rev. 20814)

If the license in your HASP key does not allow to run the current version, please follow the instructions from


If you have problems with the downloaded installation, please contact us for help or an installation CD. Please also contact us if you wish to extend/renew your maintenance.

Improvements in the installation:
- GiD version 15.0.3 is now default for installation

Improvements in the finite element kernel:
- optimization of the step length for the Arc-Length solver, arc-length is fixed only once in the first step after the command ARC_LENGTH_RESET_STEP_LENGTH and not each subsequent step
- fixed reading commands for local orientation of shell elements
- fixes in prescribing of linear boundary loads

Improvements in the GiD interface:
- fixed chloride/carbonation loads application in the Creep module
- effective thickness parameter needs to be provided even when importing temperature/humidity history of creep materials (Creep module)
  In this case a small value approximately equivalent to finite element size should be provided.

Improvements in ATENA Studio:
- user can name structural views in ATENA Studio, for instance "Reinforcement view" or "3D elements"
- user can name steps for easy identification, for instance "Peak load" or "Design load"

Main changes since 5.7.0p: 

- New GiD version 15.0.3 included in the installation (default version selected for installation remains 15.0.2)
- Updated Examples, Manuals
- Generation of bond according to fib 1990 fixed in ATENA 2D
- Support for software hardlocks implemented
- ATENA Center included in the installation
- Updated example database and software documentation
- modelling of 3D printing of concrete structures implemented
- APIS FRC included in the installation
- Automated report generation in ATENA Studio
- New material model for cycling reinforcement (Dodds and Restrepo)
- Improvements in the reinforcement bond model (corrosion and temperature dependence)
- Many other improvements and fixes in ATENA Studio and the Kernel (integration of interval forces in post-processing, user-defined hydration function for CCTransportLevel7)
- Updated ATENA-GiD scripts, see GiD\Problemtypes\Atena\Readme.txt (support for 3D printing, bond according to fib 2010, improvements of BC for chloride ingress, material characteristics generation in Transport, etc.)

Complete Readme including detailed Changelog:

The Czech user interface for ATENA Engineering can now be selected in the installer, i.e., no separate _CSY installer is needed any more.

Although we have not prepared a special DEMO installation from version 5.7, it is possible to install the current version and use it without a key in DEMO mode (compared to the special DEMO installation, you need to click the message about switching to DEMO every time). If you are primarily interested in features not available in the standard DEMO version 5.3.5, we recommend to install the current version 5.7 without a license to try it.

Vylepšení v instalaci:
- GiD verze 15.0.3 nastavena jako defaultní pro instalaci

Vylepšení v jádře:
- optimalizace délky kroku pro Arc-Length řešič, délka oblouku se nastavuje, pouze jednou v prvním kroku po definici příkazu ARC_LENGTH_RESET_STEP_LENGTH
- oprava načítání příkazů pro lokální orientaci shell prvků
- oprava předepisování lineárního zatížení

Vylepšení v GiD rozhraní:
- oprava zatížení karbonatací a chloridy v Creep modulu
- parametr pro efektivní tloušťku je vždy nutné zadat i při importu teplotní/vlhkostní historie materiálů s dotvarováním (modul Creep)
  V tomto případě by měla být zadána malá hodnota zhruba odpovídající velikosti konečných prvků

Vylepšení v ATENA Studio:
- podpora popisků pro Structural okna
- podpora popisků výpočetních kroků