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This archive contains updated script files for interfacing GiD with ATENA, as included in the 5.9.2 and ATENA 2024 installer. You only need this archive in special situations, see ATENA-GiD User's Manual, 4 ATENA-GID INSTALLATION for more information. Normally, these scripts are automatically installed when installing ATENA. 

Download the archive to your computer unpack it and then copy the subdirectory into the "problemtypes" subdirectory in the GiD directory. Any existing files should be overwritten.

The archive contains one subdirectory: Atena. The same directory exists in the GiD subdirectory "problemtypes" and its content will be overwritten by files necessary for ATENA-GiD communication.

Models created with older ATENA-GiD interface always need to be transformed into the new version. If the transformation is not started automatically, please select Data - Problem type - Atena - the corresponding analysis type, e.g., Static or Transport, then choose Transform.

GiD version 15.0.4 or newer is recommended.