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ATENA in the Cloud

Apr 8, 2020

Dear colleagues and friends of ATENA software,

we hope you are all safe in this difficult pandemic situation.

As many of you might be working from home now, we think you may appreciate our offer to provide you with ATENA in the cloud. You can make use of our software with full capabilities and without any performance limitations. ATENA cloud is open to anyone, who wants to test ATENA or run a nonlinear analysis on a cloud. Each first time user receives an initial credit of $25 valid for about 5 hours of computer time.

For this pandemic situation we are providing a special offer to existing ATENA users with reduced cost, when the initial free credit is good for about 25 hours of computer time. Also the computer cost for any subsequent purchased credits is reduced to only cover the fundamental costs of the cloud computers.

Many of our customers, who have tried this cloud service already, have been very satisfied with the level of its usability. They were able to analyze their structure within a short time and without the need to installing the software license on their computers.

If you are interested to learn more about this service or you seek to activate your cloud account, please kindly click on the following link: http://vtls.cervenka.cz/login/

Our hotline support is prepared to help you with any request you may have on a daily basis.

We wish you to stay healthy in these hard times.

With best regards from Prague :-)

Your ATENA Team


Fig. 1: Welcome screen on ATENA cloud providing a quick access to tutorials, documentation and available ATENA software


Fig. 2: ATENA analysis files can be uploaded or downloaded using the data exchange methods


Fig. 3: All ATENA application are available with the identical user interface, such as for instance the classical ATENA 2D Engineering

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