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ATENA software at SAHC Conference in Peru

Sep 7, 2018

ATENA software will be presented on September 11 to 13 at the 11th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions "An interdisciplinary approach" in Cusco, Peru. (http://sahc2018.com/index.html)

We will present the development in our international project GeoTech 4.0 (TACR project TF04000057 ) involving advanced construction methods and monitoring methods in densely populated regions often affecting the neighboring historical buildings.

Prof. Pavel Kuklík will present a paper based on ATENA software titled "Bearing capacity of masonry walls in churches by means of a probabilistic assessment"  on Wednesday September 12th in Numerical modeling and structural analysis (III) section, Room A.

Our colleague Radomir Pukl is looking forward to meeting you there. If you are not attending the conference, and if you want to learn more about ATENA and the described research projects, please see our website www.cervenka.cz or contact us by email: cervenka (at) cervenka.cz.

Your ATENA team