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ATENA Cloud News

Nov 24, 2021

Dear colleagues and friends of ATENA software,

we hope you and your family are healthy and safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

We would like to offer you to try ATENA Cloud, our new web application allowing you to use ATENA and other tools without any hardware and software requirements or even a license. You can either work on cloud computer using remote desktop client or the Remote Calculation option. It allows you to execute ATENA input files remotely in the cloud. You can run up to 20 tasks in parallel. This is useful for example if you are performing parametric studies or running probabilistic simulations in SARA Studio. Register now and get initial credit EUR 25 for your projects.

New features in ATENA Cloud:

  • New computers with up to 32 processors and 120 GB RAM
  • Remote calculation option for running up to 20 parallel calculations using the uploaded ATENA inp file
  • Credits are purchased in 50 or 100 Euro credit packages


Do not forget to follow our website for new ATENA updates on www.cervenka.cz/download.

With kind regards, Your ATENA team

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