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ATENA Advanced User Seminar 2018 in English Language

Mar 20, 2018

Dear users of ATENA software,

we would like to invite you to our ATENA Advanced User Seminar 2018. The seminar will take place in Prague, the Czech Republic on June 20-22, 2018. The content of the seminar is arranged such that it concentrates on fewer topics, but provide a deeper coverage and more hands on experience with particular problems. Based on the feedback from our hotline support we selected several topics, where we expect that ATENA users could benefit most from more in-depth explanation or background information.


The new ATENA version 5.6 will be used throughout the seminar. The version 5.6 brings several new and interesting features as described in more detail on ATENA v5.6 website such as: 

  • Many changes, improvements, and optimizatons in the kernel (boundary and connection conditions for 2D shells and 1D beams, chlorides+carbonation)
  • Vector and tensor display in ATENA Studio
  • Smaller fixes and improvements in ATENA Studio (selecting by spacebar, saving last step when interrupted, diagrams, iteration number display, checking for .inp file changes)
  • Many fixes and improvements in the kernel (connecting 1D beams and 2D shells to other elements, shells and beams, solvers, LCS)
  • Added option IGNORE_REF_HEIGHT, IGNORE_REF_WIDTH for 1D and 3D beams
  • Updated SARA
  • Updated ATENA-GiD scripts, see GiD\Problemtypes\Atena\Readme.txt
  • Updated Examples
  • Updated Manuals
  • Updated Installer

These new features will be presented during the seminar in more detail, with the possibility to discuss their functionality and application to particular problems by direct interaction with our lecturers.


The seminar attendants are expected to have basic working knowledge of ATENA Science and GiD, at least at the level corresponding to successfully finishing the ATENA-GiD Tutorial example.


Day 1:

  1. Overview of new ATENA version 5.6 - new features will be presented using selected examples from our consulting practice.
  2. Theoretical background of ATENA concrete material model - theory behind the main ATENA concrete model will be presented namely in relation to the various input model parameters.
  3. At the end of the first day a special session will provide an opportunity for each participant to present their current work with ATENA analysis, and share their experience with other participants. This seminar session is also a great opportunity for interaction and feedback with other course participants or lecturers. Based on the feedback from this session, the program in the subsequent days can be adjusted and tailored to the participants problems or requests. 

Day 2:

  1. Theoretical background of ATENA interface elements and material model - the used interface element as well as interface material model will be discussed. This model allows simulation of frictional contacts as well as discrete cracks in brittle materials.
  2. Modeling contact problems in ATENA - step by step description of the preparation of input data in the preprocessing environment, i.e. GiD for a nonlinear analysis involving contact problem using ATENA interface elements.
  3. Modeling strengthening of reinforced concrete structures - several approaches will be presented and discussed for modeling strengthening measures using externally applied fiber-reinforced polymer sheets or rods.

Day 3:

  1. Modeling of construction process in ATENA - since version 5.4 ATENA supports new options and commands for construction process modelling. This new method can be used for instance to simulate tunnel construction process using the new Austrian approach.
  2. Material model Cementitious2User - theoretical background, selection and calibration of user material parameters for fiber concrete materials
  3. Modeling fiber-reinforced concrete structures - hands on experience on the calibration process of the material parameters for fiber-reinforced material for application in practical engineering problems.                  


The registration fee will be 390 € by MAY 31, 2018 and 480 € since JUN 1, 2018 payable to the bank account or via credit card in the registration form. The registration fee includes coffee breaks and lunches during all three days and a dinner on first seminar day.


The seminar will take place at the facilities of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The exact location and room number will be sent out to the registered participants in June together with other information and final training schedule.


The participants are requested to make their own hotel reservations. We recommend to use the following links for hotel reservations in a pleasant environment and in the vicinity of the Technical University, where the seminar will take place:


Hotel Diplomat **** http://http://diplomathotel-prague.com/  hotel-diplomat@praha-hotel.cz
Hotel U Hvezdy *** http://www.hoteluhvezdy.cz  info@hoteluhvezdy.cz
Hotel Krystal *** http://www.prague-hotel-krystal.cz krystal@cdms-krystal.cz
Masarykova kolej *** http://http://www.masarykovakolej.cz/hotel prihodova@suz.cvut.cz
Penzion Patanka *** http://www.patanka.cz pension@patanka.cz

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