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Videos from ATENA 5.7 Demonstration Webinars

Nov 6, 2020

Dear users of ATENA software,

the first topic of this new series of webinars was devoted to the selected new features of the latest ATENA version 5.7. The focus of this first seminar was the new durability modules that allow you to model long term deterioration effects on reinforced concrete structures such as chloride ingress or carbonation and the resulting reinforcement corrosion.

Enjoy the record from first demonstration on YouTube.


The second webinar shows several methods for modelling reinforcement and pre-stressing in the new ATENA v5.7.
Generally there are two types of reinforcement model in ATENA: smeared and discrete. In the smeared model, the reinforcement is considered in a smeared way basically as a composite material consisting of concrete and reinforcement. The second discrete model can treat each reinforcement individually. In the discrete model, the pre-stressing can be applied. The discrete model allows the consideration of bond between reinforcement and concrete. The bond model can be also used for the calculation of pre-stressing losses. The webinar goes over the reinforcement models available in ATENA, and how they can be used to simulate pre-stressing including the calculation of pre-stressing losses.

Enjoy the record from second demonstration on YouTube.


During the third webinar following topics were covered:

[1] Overview of ATENA programs: ATENA Engineering 2D & 3D, ATENA Science: what is the difference between the products and when they should be used. [2] Durability models: reinforcement corrosion due to chloride ingress and carbonation, modelling of concrete degradation due to alkali-silica reaction
[3] New model for fibre-reinforced concrete material based on added fracture energy
[4] Material driver for testing user or existing material models
[5] ATENA in the cloud: atenacloud.cervenka.cz
[6] Overview of ATENA beam, shell and solid elements and their connections

Enjoy the record from third demonstration on YouTube.


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