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New ATENA version 5.9.1c release

Dec 5, 2022

The latest version ATENA v5.9.1c has been officially released and is available for download from our website.

Improvements in the installation:

  • GiD version 16.0.1 is now default for installation
  • Updated manuals
  • Updated examples
  • New version of ATENA Center with integrated application for trial version

Improvements in the finite element kernel:

  • Major upgrade of ATENA kernel using 64bit compilation by Visual Studio 2022
  • New creep models B4, CSA S6-14 and ACI 209R
  • Misc. corrections in Microplane M7 model, which is fully rewritten in C++
  • Improvements and corrections in the support for the simulation of 3D printing
  • New enhanced internal mesh generation options that can be directly specified in the inp command file
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Improvements in the GiD interface:

  • Updated GiD-ATENA scripts
  • Fixing of problems when applying line springs on lines without higher order entity
  • Fixing problems with manual definition of load history in Static problem types
  • Fixing incorrect error message in GiD v16 when writing inp file
  • Improvements in the definitions of 3D concrete printing
  • Support for new creep models B4, CSA S6-14 and ACI 209R
  • Miscellaneous minor corrections and bug fixes

Improvements in ATENA Studio:

  • New 64bit compilation using Visual Studio 2022
  • User defined labels for important steps in the postprocessor for easy identification
  • Misc. minor improvements and corrections

The easiest way to get the installer is running the ATENA UpdateCheck utility from your currently installed ATENA version. This version is available for all users with valid maintenance till October 20th, 2022.

For more information about ATENA v5.9 please go here


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