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New ATENA version 5.9.0j release

Feb 9, 2022

Today, we have released ATENA 5.9.0j, which mainly contains bugfixes and other improvements:

Improvements in the installation:
- GiD version 15.0.3 is now default for installation

Improvements in the finite element kernel:
- optimization of the step length for the Arc-Length solver, arc-length is fixed only once in the first step after the command ARC_LENGTH_RESET_STEP_LENGTH and not each subsequent step
- fixed reading commands for local orientation of shell elements
- fixes in prescribing of linear boundary loads

Improvements in the GiD interface:
- fixed chloride/carbonation loads application in the Creep module
- effective thickness parameter needs to be provided even when importing temperature/humidity history of creep materials (Creep module)
  In this case a small value approximately equivalent to finite element size should be provided.

Improvements in ATENA Studio:
- user can name structural views in ATENA Studio, for instance "Reinforcement view" or "3D elements"
- user can name steps for easy identification, for instance "Peak load" or "Design load"

The easiest way to get the installer is running the ATENA UpdateCheck utility from your currently installed ATENA version. This version is available for all users with valid maintenance till January 13th, 2022.

For more information about ATENA v5.9 please go here


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