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ATENA User Seminar 2015 in English Language

Nov 5, 2014

Dear users of ATENA software,

next seminar is planned to June 10-12, 2015.
The seminar will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University.

Our seminars are focused on ATENA Science version 5, which includes an updated GiD interface and new features for modelling concrete hydration, seismic and pushover analysis. The seminars are targeted for advanced ATENA users as well as beginners, who wants to learn more about the theoretical background of ATENA and its advanced application areas such as GiD-pre/post-processing, dynamic, eigenvalue, creep, thermal, or fire analyses. The ATENA Science version 5 is presented and used throughout the seminars. This new version includes a totally reworked runtime and postprocessing environment ATENA Studio, which replaces the previous program AtenaWin, and represents the basis for future ATENA development.


Day 1: Advanced ATENA topics     
Concrete material model
Fiber-reinforced concrete
Reinforcement  bond
Interface modeling
Fatigue material
- probabilistic modelling
- reliability analysis

Day 2: ATENA-GiD interface
GiD preprocessing
Running analysis with Atena Studio
Post-processing in AtenaWin, ATENA 3D, GiD
ATENA Science  practical examples:
- Static analysis
- Thermal analysis & concrete hydration

Day 3: Creep, Dynamic, and Fire Analysis
ATENA Science  advanced analyses:
- Creep analysis
- Dynamic analysis
- Eigenvalue analysis
- Seismic analysis
- Fire analysis


The registration fee will be 390 € by MAY 31, 2015 and 480 € since JUN 1, 2015 payable to the bank account or via credit card in the registration form, please register on-line.


The seminar will take place at the facilities of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The exact location and room number will be sent out to the registered participants in June together with other information and final training schedule.


The participants are requested to make their own hotel reservations. We recommend to use the following links for hotel reservations in a pleasant environment and in the vicinity of the Technical University, where the seminar will take place:


Hotel Diplomat **** http://www.praha-hotel.cz/hotel-diplomat-praha.asp  hotel-diplomat@praha-hotel.cz
Hotel U Hvezdy *** http://www.hoteluhvezdy.cz  info@hoteluhvezdy.cz
Hotel Krystal *** http://www.prague-hotel-krystal.cz krystal@cdms-krystal.cz
Masarykova kolej *** http://www.studenthostel.cz/masaryk.html masaryk@suz.cvut.cz
Penzion JaS **** http://www.penzionjas.cz info@penzionjas.cz
Penzion Patanka *** http://www.patanka.cz pension@patanka.cz

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