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ATENA pre-release 5.4.0h

Jan 4, 2017

Today, we offer all users with valid maintenance interested in testing our pre-release to download ATENA 5.4.0h. We expect this version to be especially interesting for users who want to try the new features, above all injected cables and 2D shells + 1D beams. We plan to release ATENA 5.4 in January if no severe problems are found (or after fixing if any).

ATENA 5.4.0h pre-release

ATENA 5.4.0h CSY pre-release

There are new examples included with the installation to illustrate the new features (typically installed into %Public%\Documents\ATENA Examples\Science\GiD):

Injected cables - modeling of pre-stressing process including losses and cable injection after pre-stressing.


2D shells and 1D beams - examples for new 2D layered shell and 1D fiber beam elements


In any case, please let us know if you experience any problems or unexpected behaviour. Thank you!


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