ATENA at the fib Symposium in Maastricht

Jun 29, 2017

In a paper on “Uncertainties of Crack Width Models” at the fib Symposium 2017 in Maastricht on June 13, 2017 Vladimir Cervenka demonstrated capabilities of numerical simulations by ATENA for prediction of crack patterns and crack widths. A good match of calculated results with experiments was confirmed as shown in enclosed illustrations. ATENA simulations indicated the crack as well as bond stress development.


Cervenka V.,  Markova J., Mlcoch J., Sajdlova T., Perez A.C. : Uncertainties of Crack Width Models. FIB Symposium 2017 Maastricht 12-14.6.2017, Springer AG. D.A. Hordijk and M. Lukovic (eds.). DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-59471-2_190. Pp 1653-61.

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