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ATENA Release 5.3.3

Mar 31, 2016

ATENA release 5.3.3c

Release candidate version 5.3.3c for users with a valid maintenance agreement (see http://www.cervenka.cz/download/atena/atena-5.3.2 for information about the known issues of 5.3.2). The recommended way to get the current ATENA version is to run the ATENA Update Check utility. Alternatively, you can download and run the install file below, size 1 039 371 482B. Release candidate version 5.3.3c, March 7th, 2016. (Build 24.2.2016 rev.12784, ATENA Studio, GUI 3D 20.1.2016, 2D 19.2.2016, SARA 29.1.2016, ATENA-GiD scripts rev. 12790).

If the license in your HASP key does not allow to run the current version, please follow the instructions from


If you have problems with the downloaded installation, please contact us for help or an installation CD. Please also contact us if you wish to extend/renew your maintenance.

Main changes ince 5.3.2:

    - Fixed a bug when running analysis with Interface Elements in ATENA Engineering 3D
    - Smaller fixes and changes in the Kernel (reading old results, exceptions in multithreading, body and boundary loads with Arc Length)
    - Smaller fixes and changes in ATENA Studio (graphs)
    - Updated ATENA Engineering 3D (IsoShell support, ending when started from SARA), 2D and SARA
    - Updated ATENA-GiD scripts, see GiD\Problemtypes\Atena\Readme.txt
    - New GiD version 12.0.8 included in the installation
    - New hardlock drivers included in installation: Hasp 7.41
    - Updated Examples
    - Updated Manuals

Readme with a more detailed changelog:


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