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International Associations

ACM: The Association for Computingo

ČBS: Czech Concreting Society

DGM: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde

ECCOMAS: European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences

IA-FraMCoS: International Association for Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structures

IABSE: International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering

IACM: International Association for Computational Mechanics

IASSAR: International Association for Structural Safety and Reliability

ICIAM: International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

IUTAM: International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

NAFEMS: The International Association for the Engineering Analysis Community

RILEM: International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures

SEM: Society for Experimental Mechanics

SES: Society of Engineering Science

USACM: United States Association for Computational Mechanics

Friends and Collegues

FINE ltd. develops ATENA graphical user environment and develops many nice programs for geotechnical applications.

GiD at CIMNE International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering developers of the GiD Pre and Post Processor.

Institute for Building Materials at ETH Zurich

IPM: Institute of Physics of Materials - High Cycle Fatigue Group

Prof. Volker Slowik in Leipzig

Universitaet Stuttgart

Prof. Victor Saouma at Boulder

Web page of Milan Jirásek with interesting stuff about nonlinear material modelling.

Prof. Zdenek Bazant - author of ATENA microplane model and many other discoveries in the field of mechanics of materials.

VUT: Institute of Structural Mechanics


Civil Engineering resources - directory of Civil Engineering related websites.

Civil Engineering Portal - Computer-aided Civil Engineering: Finite Element Codes.

BridgeArt.net - Comprehensive Database of Structural Engineering Software.

https://ibridgemonitor.com/ - Advanced Bridge Monitoring

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