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ATENA 5.7 Demonstration No.2

Nov 9, 2020

Watch the record on YouTube.


Modelling of reinforcement and pre-stressing in new ATENA v5.7

Dear ATENA friends

we hope you had a splendid summer full of relaxation and you went back to work safely with new energy. 

As there are still no events around the world where we can meet and talk, we decided to continue building on our tradition of webinars. We are glad to invite you for an informal virtual event taking place at the very end of this September (30th, 2020), 10:00 a.m. CEST.

We think this might be very interesting for you as we will be showing brand new capabilities of ATENA 5.7 that have been developed to make ATENA more competitive. You are also encouraged to bring your own topics. We would be pleased to help you find solutions. To gain access to webinar you will receive a meeting link after your registration.

The seminar will show several methods for modelling reinforcement and pre-stressing in the new ATENA v5.7. Generally there are two types of reinforcement model in ATENA: smeared and discrete. In the smeared model, the reinforcement is considered in a smeared way basically as a composite material consisting of concrete and reinforcement.
The second discrete model can treat each reinforcement individually. In the discrete model, the pre-stressing can be applied. The discrete model allows the consideration of bond between reinforcement and concrete.
The bond model can be also used for the calculation of pre-stressing losses. The webinar will go over the reinforcement models available in ATENA, and how they can be used to simulate pre-stressing including the calculation of pre-stressing losses (see Fig. 2).

The webinar on Sept. 30, 2020, 10-11am CEST is free of charge. It will be also recorded and available on CervenkaConsulting YouTube channel.

To attend the webinar, please

Register Here

We look forward to hearing from you. 

With best regards from Prague

Your Cervenka Team

 Fig.1: Top - evolution of prestressing with losses, Bott. - internal crack development and tendon stresses before failure. This illustrative simple example will be discussed in more detail during the webinar.