Software for analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

  • Simulates real behavior of concrete and reinforced concrete structures including concrete cracking, crushing and reinforcement yielding
  • Gives engineers the power to check and verify their stuctures in a user friendly graphical enviroment
  • Over 1000 installations worldwide
  • ATENA is a new generation of the established finite element software SBETA

How it works?

1. modeling of reinforcement detailing

2. realtime visualisation of results

3. crack visualisation


Why to use ATENA

  • Simulation of reinforcement detailing around an extremely loaded girder with large openings(supermarket in Prague, Czech Republic)

    ATENA is an ideal tool for checking reinforcement detailing of complicated D-regions.
  • Simulation of experiments - Asin 1999

    ATENA is an ideal tool for experimentalist to support their research by easy to use and advanced simulation methods.
  • Design economical structures – make use of force redistribution and save on reinforcement

    ATENA automatically considers internal force redistributations due to cracking, which may result in reinforcement savings.
  •  ATENA used to assess damages due to settlement of a historical infilled reinforced concrete frame building in Prague (build 1937) 

    ATENA is the best tool for the assessment of existing buildings or bridges.

Example of ATENA applications

  •  Analysis of prestressed bridges
  •  ATENA is used to analyze reinforcement detailing and pier deflections in a train bridge

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