ATENA 5.6.0d pre-release

Pre-release version 5.6.0d, November 21st, 2017, size 1 332 657 460B.
(Build 15.11.2017 rev.15498, ATENA Studio, GUI 3D 3.4.2017, 2D 17.1.2017, SARA 4.8.2017, ATENA-GiD scripts rev. 15491)

Changes since 5.6.0c:

    - Smaller fixes and improvements in the kernel (Master-Slave, a bug in SkyLine for Transport, monitors, parameter changes in chained materials)
    - Smaller fixes in ATENA Studio (checking for .inp file changes, vectors+tensors, 1D evolution)
    - Updated ConMix
    - Updated ATENA-GiD scripts, see GiD\Problemtypes\Atena\Readme.txt
    - New GiD version 13.0.3 included in the installation
    - New hardlock drivers included in installation: Hasp 7.60
    - Updated installer
    - Updated Examples
    - Updated Manuals

Complete Readme: